Hooligans-The Game Others 5 Excellent Facilities You Need To Know Before Choosing Bali Villa Wedding

5 Excellent Facilities You Need To Know Before Choosing Bali Villa Wedding


Currently, the selection of villas as a place to celebrate weddings is increasingly popular. Villa wedding make it easy for the bride and groom to hold a party that feels more private and intimate. One of the best Bali villas that you can choose from is The Surga Villa Estate. Here are the facilities from The Surga that you can get to celebrate your special day with your partner.

Facilities of The Surga Villa Estate

  1. Complete Wedding Venue Package

The first facility that you can get from The Surga is a complete wedding venue package, and Villa the Surga  estate provides all the aspects to celebrate your dream wedding. You can also get double kitchen facilities which you can use to accommodate the banquet during the reception. In addition, there are also several dressing rooms, which are sufficient for all family members.

  1. Friendly Staff

All the complete packages available are a form of service from The Surga. You can get easy service from professional staff. Starting from the bride and groom, bridesmaids, parents, guests who come, etc. Don’t forget that staff members are available to help smooth out your special day and your partner’s wedding.

  1. Delicious Catering Menu

What often creates debate when choosing a Villa wedding is the choice of catering. Luckily, The Surga provides a delicious catering menu with various menus. You can order local, continental, Asian, and other dishes. In addition, there is also a complete set menu, ranging from main dishes, side dishes, drinks, and a special menu for children.

  1. Romantic View of the Wedding Place

Bali is an island famous for its exoticism, which can build a romantic atmosphere for every event. Including when you have a wedding party, choosing The Surga Villa Estate is an excellent idea. The romantic look as a wedding venue comes from the view of the sunset from the top of the limestone cliffs.

  1. Beachside Location

To add to the romantic impression, you can also choose a wedding location on the beach. Bali villa wedding The Surga in Uluwatu is famous for its hills on the coast with the best view. So, you can choose to have a party in the open, on the beach. In addition, you also get a beautiful and romantic atmosphere for your wedding reception and your partner’s.

All in all, The Surga Villa Estate is the choice for a wedding ceremony. The facilities and the beauty available can make anyone who comes there amazed. As a result, you will also get the best wedding party with a luxurious impression. In addition, this precious moment cannot be forgotten for both you and the guests.



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