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5 Varieties of Honey and Their Distinctive Characteristics

Honey has been utilized by people for generations and it could be said that we are rather fond of this sweet and sticky compound. It has experienced a lot of employs all through background for medicinal and dietary reasons. For illustration, honey was utilised for mummification in historic Egypt and nowadays it is employed for wound care and also pores and skin treatment together with as a resource of diet.

1 of the a lot more fascinating specifics about honey is that there are several types and every single of them has distinct characteristics. They might differ in coloration, taste, texture and wellness houses. Listed here are five distinct kind of honey and their unique traits:

5 Varieties of Honey

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a variety of honey that is indigenous to New Zealand and has been gaining a lot of media protection recently thanks to its rewards to overall health. Manuka honey is created from the nectar of tea trees and the wellness consequences have been extensively examined by numerous universities across the planet. Some of the results incorporate evidence that it is in a position to protect the body against hazardous germs and infections along with avoiding gum illness.


This variety of honey is the most extensively available and it originates from Canada and New Zealand. This is a vintage honey which is frequently utilized for sweetening meals and cooking. It has a light and floral flavor. Clover honey is fairly inexpensive and can be found in most supermarkets.


Buckwheat honey is now less common to locate than in the past. www.thirstyrun.com/product/etumax-plus-royal-honey-vip-12-sachets-20-g/ can nevertheless uncover it in some of the states in which it originates these kinds of as Ohio, New York and Minnesota. It is a robust tasting honey and it’s high in Iron and antioxidants. This honey is a darkish in colour with a abundant texture.


This honey is gathered from avocado blossoms and has a rich buttery taste. It is darkish in shade and at first arrived from South Mexico but can now be identified many regions about the world which includes Australia and significantly of Central The united states.


Linden honey is usually known as a peculiar honey because it is not like any other honey offered. It arrives from the flowers of the linden tree which is native to Denmark. The honey has a marginally woody taste and it light yellow in color. Like manuka honey, this variety also has antibacterial traits and a lot of wellness advantages associated with it such as the therapy of colds and sore throats.

Many folks wrongly believe that there is only one particular type of honey. If you presently have honey in your diet program, you might want to experiment with different varieties as you might choose the taste of other folks and only some of them overall health benefits. Deciding on the correct kind of honey could be extremely helpful to your all round overall health and fitness in the lengthy run.

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