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Choosing Pet Beds for Your Dog Or Cat

Pet beds are a popular item for animal lovers because it’s a great way to ensure that your furry friend is comfortable while they sleep. And pet stores and mass retailers are aware that pet lovers like to pamper their pets with comfy beds. Store shelves are stocked with a variety of pet beds and range from low-end pricing to extravagant pricing. But you shouldn’t look at pricing or even the pretty colourful designs when purchasing a pet bed. You need to take into consideration the type of animal you own, the reason you want the bed, and the space that you have to accommodate it.

The Purpose of the Pet Bed

You need to take into consideration the reason you need a bed for your pet. Do you want one because your pet sleeps on the floor and you want them to have a soft spot? Is your older pet suffering with arthritis and can no longer jump up onto the bed or couch without pain? Do you just want a fancy setup for when you’re not home so your pet is comfortable while your gone? Whatever the reason, it affects the type of bed you should buy.

If you’re just looking for something comfortable, you can probably go with a lower cost unit that has a small amount of padding. This is great for puppies who are still being potty trained or cats that like to claw up furniture. This way if it is ruined, you can replace it without spending too much money. However, if you need a pet bed for medical reason, you may want to invest in the more expensive designer brands. These are usually stronger, softer, and full of more padding or stuffing than the lower cost beds. The more padding and fullness underneath a pet suffering from arthritis, the more comfortable they’ll be while sleeping.

The Size of the Pet’s Bed

Another consideration is the size of the pet. If you have a large area for your pet to sleep in, then size won’t be a problem. But if you’re buying a bed for a puppy who is being potty trained, you may have her or him sleeping in a smaller space and will need a small bed. There are round, square, and rectangular sized beds. The round ones fit nicely into the groove of a corner, while the square and rectangular ones resemble large pillows. If the bed will be in a common area such as the living room, you may want a throw pillow type bed to blend in with the furnishings. Round ones are good for keeping in the bedroom or bathroom for night time sleeping. If you want maximum comfort for your pet, consider investing in two or three pet beds that you can scatter around the house.

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