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How Important Are Personal Lubricants?

There are many different kinds of lubricants available, each of which sells in their hundreds of thousands every year. The types of lubricants available include those that are used in the automobile industry, those that are used in the marine, metal and industrial sectors, and also those that are intended for personal use. Whatever sector they are used in, they perform the following function: they reduce friction between two moving surfaces which therefore helps to improve efficiency and reduce wear. This article focuses on lubricants that are designed for use in sexual intercourse www.kayeschemist.co.uk/silicone-lube-lubricating-jelly-personal-lubricant/.

Why use a sexual lubricant?

Many first timers to sex find sexual lubricants very useful. Lubricants, also known by their more colloquial term of lubes, can be a huge benefit to women having intercourse with a male or female partner for the first time. This can be especially the case when the receiving partner is feeling tense. Sexual lubricants can also make first time anal intercourse between male to female or male to male a much easier experience. However, sexual lubricants are not just for first time sex. They can be used whenever a little additional lubrication is required during intercourse. They help to ease the penis or a sex toy into the vagina or anus with less effort which thereby reduces the probability of painful sex.

What kinds of lubricants are available?

Although sexual lubricants offer the more practical benefit of allowing extra moistness during sex, they can also be used to provide additional pleasure. On the most part available as either water, oil or silicone based, lubes range from anal lubricants to flavoured lubes to tasteless and odourless lubricants and are available as jellies, creams and sprays. Although a number of lubricants are designed to be used by both sexes, there are specialist male and female lubricants also available. Male sexual lubricants are designed to be long lasting and to enhance masturbation and add to sexual sensations. Lubricants specifically aimed at females are intended to heighten the sensitivity of a woman’s clitoris and to intensify orgasms. The vast majority of sex lubricants will not to stain or be sticky and wash off easily after use. They can be completely natural feeling or can either provide the skin with a warming or cooling sensation. However, lubricants are not just employed when it comes to penetrative sex. Flavoured lubes are ideal for oral sex. Although lubricants are not essential for all types of sex, they are definitely a must when it comes to anal intercourse because the anus does not produce any natural form of lubrication therefore sex without anal lubricants could prove to be extremely painful.

Sexual lubricants can help to provide pleasurable sex every time whether it be vaginal, anal or oral sex. The important thing to remember is to have fun during sex and sexual lubricants can help to achieve this. A word of warning though, oil based lubricants are not suitable to use with latex condoms as they make the condom ineffectual.



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