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Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HK

Integrating the feature of making hot and cold water and the ability to create healthy Hydrogen water, the Kangaroo Hydrogen 2 faucet water purifier KG100HK (VTU Cabinet) is the unique perfect version that is very interested today.
Kangaroo brand is widely known by the most popular product lines of water purifiers, hot and cold water plants, household appliances .. on the market. The products of the manufacturer Kangaroo are researched to serve the essential needs of Vietnamese users, the mission of operating steadily to develop and become a belief that loves every family. The brand has been and is constantly improving, innovating, diversifying products, upgrading in structure, design and features to serve increasingly high requirements and meet the convenience of modern life.

Kangaroo hot and cold water purifier is an essential familiar product in the utility of any home, school, or company. The 2-in-1 product line with many models, designs and preeminent features makes many products very popular and trusted.

Kangaroo Hydrogen 2 faucet water purifier KG100HK – Unique perfect version. As the most typical product line in the Kangaroo line of hot and cold water purifiers, the Kangaroo Hydrogen 2 faucet water purifier KG100HK possesses many outstanding features, making it a unique version worth owning in your home.

RO Vortex filter technology, The first highlight of Kangaroo KG100HK water purifier is its superior filtration technology that saves up to 75% of wastewater. Vortex RO filter technology is a technology that creates a spiral flow around the filter core axis, minimizing the phenomenon of membrane surface deposition, helping to improve the filter life to 3 years, much better than conventional RO water purifiers.

Kangaroo Hydrogen 2 faucet water purifier KG100HK owns a monolithic coarse filter core system with materials made from high-quality plastic, connected by sturdy connectors to prevent leakage and easy disassembly and replacement. easier.

yoursite.com helps this Kangaroo water purifier not only remove harmful impurities in the water, but also create Hydrogen water, compensate for minerals, create a delicious taste of water, and add nutrients that are beneficial to the user’s health.

Integrated hot and cold water function. Kangaroo Hydrogen water purifier uses block cooling technology with optimized performance. The cooling technology of the Kangaroo KG100HK model gives fast and deep cooling, quiet operation, and durable motor. The use of R134A refrigerant is also environmentally friendly, non-flammable, safe, and healthy for consumers.

This Kangaroo direct hot and cold water purifier is also ready to serve all your sudden needs, providing hot – cold – pure clean water quickly and comfortably.

Hotline: 090 666 9000
Showroom: No. 45B Truong Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam

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