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Stand Up Paddle Surfing – Picking out A Board With Craigslist

Craigslist is an excellent place to turn as you commence your search for a new or applied stand up paddle surfboard. Craigslist is largely absolutely free classified ads service for approximately 450 cities worldwide. You can find every little thing on there from homes to surfboards, and that is why we like it. In this article we will talk about why Craigslist.com is a excellent place to appear and what to look for in a posting for a stand up paddle surfboard.

Craigslist is a good spot to get started your search for a stand up paddle surfboard for two reasons: 1. affordable utilized boards and 2. inexpensive new boards. When you first visit craigslist.org, the initial issue you are going to want to do is select a city close to you from the center of the page. Next in the search box on the left hand side of the page kind in a search term such as “stand up paddle”. Right now, I am on honolulu.craigslist.org and a web page of matching listings has appeared. How do we sort by way of all of these?

If you are are looking for a used board, perhaps as one particular to discover on, or as a second board so you can take a pal out on the water with you, appear at the least expensive boards initially. Suitable now I see one for $110 and an additional for $225. Boards at this price tag are in all probability going to be pretty beat up and pretty heavy. They are likely old tandem boards that can double as stand up paddle surfboards. Ought to this deter you? No way. In reality, if it really is currently beat up, you will not be concerned too significantly when you, or your friend, dings the rail though nevertheless studying to manage the paddle. Although tandem boards may possibly be a lot more narrow and tippy than a board shaped for stand up paddling, this can be remedied by placing on the most significant fins you can obtain. Added significant fins will stabilize the board though you are studying to paddle.

Another advantage to selecting up a applied board from craigslist is that, as you abilities increase and you really feel like it is time to upgrade, you won’t really feel at a loss providing up the used board due to the fact you will not have so considerably cash invested in it. When it really is time to upgrade, you can hold on the the utilized board as a second board, or pass it along to an individual else for the $150 you paid for it.

You’ll also uncover some utilised boards in very good condition on craigslist. surfboard fins australia see some for about $650. This a terrific value for all the motives listed above. These boards are almost certainly shaped for a lot more performance surfing but may well have the bumps and bruises of a applied board in fantastic situation. Again, you can’t go wrong at these costs. I recall a year ago when you could not find something anyplace for significantly less than about $2000. Shapers have been back ordered and there was nothing utilized. Take benefit of the utilized stand up paddle surfboard market. Many times, the boards are being sold just for the reason that the owner has found he or she is as well heavy or light for the board and wants a modify. These people’s boards are often in perfect condition and just will need to be traded out. I have met quite a few surfers who are selling their boards for this explanation.

If you get in touch with on a board only to discover out that it is been sold, ask the seller who he or she knows that could be selling a board like the 1 you are seeking for. Much more than most likely they will know of an individual who has a utilized board for sale.

New boards are a terrific uncover on craigslist.org as effectively. Typically, shapers and distributors will put their brand new production models on craigslist, to simply get their boards in the marketplace and on the water. Since craigslist is a totally free service, the advertising and marketing fees are zero and the board makers can afford to give a superior deal to these who are buying on craigslist. If you see a new stand up paddle surfboard on craigslist, verify it out for confident. It is a good way to save a couple hundred bucks on a new board. If it is a posting by the shaper, they will possibly even ship it to you.

In conclusion, as you start out searching for a new or used stand up paddle surfboard, check out craigslist.org It is a fantastic resource. And ultimately, when you obtain that magic model on the internet, try and arrange to take it out on the water ahead of you get it. Meet up with the seller at a lake or at the ocean so you can verfiy that it floats you and that it’s what you happen to be searching for.

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