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Taking Out the Guesswork With Electronic Sewing Machines

There are some people who completely disregard electronic sewing machines just because they’re more expensive than their mechanical counterparts. It’s true that they’re more expensive and you really can’t do anything about that. But don’t be too disappointed. You should at least check them out to see why they’re more expensive.

They’re more expensive simply because they’re electric. But that alone isn’t enough reason for the heftier price tag. You have to understand what benefits electronic sewing machines offer. In order to do so, check out some of the popular models:

1. Brother CS6000I

You should check out this machine if you want something that can give you consistent and accurate stitching. It has an LCD display so you can easily set the settings and stitch selection. This basically takes the guesswork out of stitching because you’ll know what to expect just by choosing the right settings. You can choose from the available 60 stitch settings. It even has an automatic buttonholer that you can activate with just one step.

2. Singer 7442

The company best known for its sewing machine also manufactures electronic sewing machines and the 7442 is a good example. It’s pretty basic but fully electronic. You can choose from 30 stitches that are pre-set. You can also choose from literally hundreds of different functions so you basically have all jobs covered. It also features countless of accessories and some handy features like an on-board storage and snap-on presser feet. It even has a needle threader that is built-in to the Electronic sewing.

3. Kenmore 16231

This is a highly-rated machine that is preferred by a lot of people. It does have the downside of being on the more expensive side. But it does have everything that you need like 31 stitch settings and speed control. A lot of people don’t seem to mind that it’s more expensive so feel free to check it out.

As you can probably see, the benefits of electronic sewing machines greatly outweigh the additional costs. You’ll be able to stitch more effectively and efficiently. You’re going to take out the guesswork with a few touches of a button instead of fiddling around inaccurate knobs. This can give you accurate stitching each and every time and you’ll also minimize mistakes which can take up a lot of time, effort and money. So in the long run, it will pay for itself. Besides, they’re much cheaper nowadays compared to before. The price difference between electronic and mechanical sewing machines is not that big so you may want to check it out for yourself.

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