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The difference between a heating package and a water heater


In this article we are going to discuss the issue about the difference between a package and a water heater and how these two systems differ from each other. various methods and devices are used to supply hot water for heating systems, devices such as water heaters and packages are more used and preferred by consumers than other systems. These two main systems have many advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. Energy consumption, efficiency, noise, volume of space occupied, ease of installation and transportation, mechanisms used in these systems and the ability are some factors to compare these systems. By noting the difference between the package and the water heater and considering mentioned items, you as a consumer, will choose and apply the required system according to the type and amount of consumption desired, and it’s a useful tip due to the vast diversion types of heating systems available in the market which may cause confusion.

the difference between the package and the water heater

Apparently it’s wise to first check the structure and function of the water heater separately in order to clarify the difference between the package and the water heater. The water heater functions as providing the hot water needed for washing, bathing and washing dishes in such a way that cold water enters the copper coil inside the water heater through the piping system and is heated by the heat of the water burner. Water heaters with special piping tank have higher energy consumption than water heaters without tank. In this type of fuel device, or energy source can be gas, electric source, oil or diesel, which differs according to the consumer access to the type of fuel and heating mechanism of the water heater.

The point is that these systems can be set up and used even in remote areas with a solar panel system. In this way they are clearly more compatible with the environment and prevent excessive energy consumption. The thermostat is the most important component in the water heater, which if it does not work properly, the temperature and pressure inside the device will increase, and for this reason, a safety valve has been installed inside the device. It is useful for balancing the pressure safety valve and it prevents possible problems for the user and the water heater. Also, the presence of a system with a pilot valve functions as a safety system in gas water heaters. And it helps the small flame to stay on, which has a vital role because without this component, the space inside the water heater will be filled with gas and there will be a possibility of explosion inside. In fact Damapouya, it can be stated that these systems are mostly used for supplying hot water consumption, and therefore it is necessary to use larger systems such as central heating plant room systems or packages to supply hot water.

In order to simplify the difference between a package and a water heater, it is necessary to describe the structure of the heating package and its performance. Package is a sufficient heating plant room with advanced heating mechanisms which works as a system that is responsible for supplying heating and consumption water at the same time. This process is done by two main and secondary heat exchangers. This device can be connected to a side thermostat in some cases and models, which enables the user to change the temperature of hot water for heating and consumption from inside of a building.

Some features like Wi-Fi connectivity on some packages, gives the user the ability to coding the device with their smartphone in order to manage power consumption for a specific period of time. These systems have very high standards and safety due to the latest technologies in the world. most of which are equipped with systems such as antifreeze, which can be used in cold and mountainous areas in order to preserve the efficiency of the system and prevent any possible trouble. Packages work as a system providing ambient heating with hot water and also hot water consumption. Compared to other systems package performs with high efficiency and high quality and less energy consumption in buildings and places with little space. It is obvious that package occupies less space comparing with heating plant room and also due to the use of European standards in manufacturing this device, it is less risky and safer. Thus, the difference between a package and a water heater is that, package has the ability for two useful performances at the same time, regardless of the purchase and maintenance costs.

The purpose of this article is to describe the difference between the package and the water heater. Both of these products are able to provide hot water consumption using electric, gas, diesel or oil. They are used in the office, while the spa of the radiator is supplied only by the package, which is a combination of water heater and heating system. Choosing the proper type of the water heater and the package depends on the volume of water required and the amount of use, as well as the installation location and price, which differs according to each consumer and his condition.


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