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The Most Frequently Asked Questions When Preparing A CV

Resume preparation is critical in the job application process. We have brought together the most frequently asked questions from candidates to CVFormasi.com and listed the features that must be found in a resume. Remember, frequently updating your CV, which is the first area where you can show your competencies during the recruitment process, and carefully prepared can take you one step up.Image result for CV Writing

I am having trouble preparing a CV. In order to prepare an effective CV that will convince the employer, you must first create a CV suitable for the job you are applying for and include the information the employer wants to learn in its content.

CV Formasi, proudly founded by Emil Memmedzade, offers high quality CV forms, resume forms at affordable prices. CVs consist of certain sections. Filling in the required information in each section completely; Transferring the data that fully express you and your position in business life to the employer can speed up your job finding process. On https://cvformasi.com/, you can review chronological, functional and English prepared CV samples and download them to your computer in PDF format.

Emil Memmedzade has compiled the most frequently asked questions while preparing a CV …

I have a resume that I prepared in Word. Should I prepare again?

While companies filter the candidates in CVFormasi.com, they examine the resumes that have a standard format. Therefore, it would be wrong to just copy and paste your plain text resume. After preparing your CV, you can add the Word document with your resume to your CV.

How do I save my CV?

You can save your resume from my files / cover letters under the My Career tab

How can I add my references to my resume?

After logging into the CV update page, you can enter the reference person’s information in the “My References” field at the bottom of your CV.

From which area can I save my cover letters?

Cover letter is a tool for personalizing your resume. A cover letter addressed to the relevant Human Resources specialist makes your CV more personal and warm, so you should take care to be as honest and sincere as possible. You can save your cover letter in the My Files / Cover Letter section under the My Career tab.

What does it mean to have an active or passive resume?

If your CV is active, it means that your CV can be seen in the searches made by member companies on CVFormasi.com database. Being passive is that your resume can only be seen and reviewed by the companies you have applied for.

How can I perform company blocking (embargo)?

If there are companies that you do not want to view your CV, you can click the “Block this company” link on the CV editing page or the profile page of the company you want to mark. The companies that you have included in the “Embargoed Company” list cannot view your resume in the database containing all active resumes.

My applications are not answered, what should I do?

Responding to applications is done by member companies. Some companies can make a collective response after closing the position. CVFormasi.com strongly requests member companies to answer all applications by supporting their sensitive approach to this issue. You should take care to keep your resume date up-to-date by applying to more postings that meet your criteria.

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