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Uses and Benefits of Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom grab bars are highly beneficial to elderly people as it gives support to move around without falling or slipping. It is also useful to people with movement disabilities as maneuvering around the restroom or bathroom can prove to be dangerous without proper support. Grab bars or hand rails are quite useful to people who lack the ample amount of strength to move around. It can also be fixed in different parts of the house to move around efficiently.

Significance and Installation:

Usually bathroom grab bars are installed in places which are used by the differeLancashire Grab Bar - ADA Compliant - Bathroomntly abled. These hand rails act as safety devices which can be used by weak and handicapped people to move around safely. These are also installed in some of the nursing homes and hospitals to ensure the safety of the patients.

These are installed on the walls of the restrooms to assist in the use of tub and toilet. It is also fixed near to wash basins. It is fixed tightly on the walls so that it is strong enough to hold the weight of the person temporarily. Most people who have the tendency to slip and fall in wet bathrooms should consider installing these bathroom grab bars. Moreover, it is quite helpful as it can be used as a support to get in and out of the tub or shower without the fear of falling.

Important Features and Benefits:

There are many significant features that distinguish the grab bars from ordinary bars used in restrooms and other places.

These are designed to hold a considerable amount of weight. It is usually installed on the walls of the restroom or other places around the house according to individual comforts. But it is important to fix it in such a way that it seldom rotates in its fittings. It is round and wide and can be gripped easily.

Grab bars are made of different types of materials and it often includes a brushed surface so that it is easy to grip. It is generally installed at a comfortable height so that it can be used by people on wheelchairs and walkers. It proves to be greatly useful for people using wheelchairs as they can use the restroom facilities independently.

Another advantage of installing grab bars in bathrooms is that it provides ample support to elderly people. It is also useful to people who tend to fall or slip without balance. Most people experience serious injuries due to accidental falls. This can be considerably avoided with the use of hand rails. The chances of falling are reduced to a large extent with the installation of grab bars.

However, it is necessary to know that grab bars can seldom be used by people who are totally handicapped. It is designed to provide support to people who can use their limbs partially. These bars are not designed to support the entire weight of the body for a long time.


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