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Web-site Marketing – Making the Most of eBook Directories

Individuals love having factors for cost-free, and eBooks represent a substantial value in the eyes of consumers. GetFreeEbooks.com and The eBookDirectory.com are two no cost eBook directories that can present maximum visibility for your eBook, and website traffic to your web page.

Get Free of charge eBooks

GetFreeEbooks.com is a cost-free eBook directory where you can read, download and contribute eBooks. For the web-site marketer, adding an eBook can mean targeted traffic to your site. With an Alexa rating of 25,754, GetFreeEbooks.com is a fantastic place to drive traffic through eBook submissions.

The eBook Directory

The eBookDirectory.com, like GetFreeEbooks, is a no cost eBook directory where you can read, download and contribute eBooks. The eBook directory asks that you add a hyperlink from your website to the eBook Directory in order for your eBook to be included in their directory.

To make the most of eBook directories, you will need to have to:

Solve a dilemma. People are not searching for products. They are looking for solutions. Supply it, and your eBook will be a achievement.

Give it an exciting title. If your eBook title intrigues people today they will want to study it.

Offer you good quality. Rather than receiving caught up in how lengthy it should be, try to remember that good quality is what matters most. When you’re completed saying what you need to say, and you have stated it well, your book is the perfect length.

Make it a PDF. A PDF (transportable document format) document is the finest format for simple reading and crisp, clean printing.

Add a link. A link to your web page at the bottom of every single page will make the hours you invest in the creation of your eBook worthwhile.

Invest in a professionally made eCover. Great graphic design is frequently a cause why individuals pick out one item over an additional, so it is worth the investment. I would advise that no cover be applied if you cannot afford to have it professionally designed. A cover isn’t needed. Download Free EBooks is just much better.

Encourage no cost distribution. Adding a Inventive Commons license at the starting of your eBook will multiply the advantages of the time you invested.

Build a Compilation. Combine the greatest articles that you have written for short article marketing and advertising internet websites into an eBook. The function you have already done will take on a potent new function in advertising your website.

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