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5 Easy Tips for Blowing Up on SoundCloud ​

SoundCloud, while still an incredibly popular streaming service to use, is also incredibly complicated to navigate.

Navigating the UI and general user functions of SoundCloud is easy enough but navigating the road to success on SoundCloud is much harder. With that being said, here are five easy tips you can use to help yourself blow up on free soundcloud likes.


Hashtags for Success!

Hashtags are the most underrated music marketing tool in the industry. They seek to combine data together under a specific grouping that is broadcasted to everyone who inputs a certain search term. You can use hashtags to your ultimate advantage by making them relevant to a very special crowd.

This special crowd is known in the marketing world as your “target audience”, and your target audience is simply defined as your ideal listener. Who are they? What are their interests? What are their musical tastes? Asking yourself the important questions can help you make strategic tagging decisions that bring more listeners to your profile. Hashtags are important because they show your song to relevant users who are searching within the same hashtag.

Add a “Buy” Link To Your Music

This little-known SoundCloud feature enables you to sell your music – and you’d be surprised how many people out there are willing to buy it. Your supporters are lurking in the darkness and random people will come across your song every day, even if Soundcloud doesn’t index it. Some of these people are bound to like your work enough to purchase it.

Giving other SoundCloud users the option to purchase your music bodes well with the mission of fostering new connections and listeners. As time goes on, you may also notice that your “Buy” link passively attracts income based on your rising SoundCloud popularity. Either way, adding a “Buy” link is a win-win for your music production.

Choose the Right Album Art

Choosing the right album art isn’t easy, but it’s certainly important. Aside from looking pretty, your album art needs to represent who you are and what you invest your time in. What are your tastes? Who is going to be drawn to the work you produce? What do they want to see? What is the overall message of your song or album?

Album art is one of the factors you have complete control over on SoundCloud, and you can’t waste this opportunity. Rather, gearing and marketing your album art towards your intended audience will serve you well and garner you more listeners.

Tell A Story Using SoundCloud’s Waveform

Waveform is the place on SoundCloud where real-time comments can be made by Soundcloud users during the different parts of a song. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to discuss the process behind your song, and it even allows you to obtain feedback from the SoundCloud community regarding the parts of a song you’re not sure about publishing. Foster connections by telling stories on Waveform.

Share Private Links to Your Songs

Sharing private links to your SoundCloud productions allows you to give your music the personal touch people might be looking for. They can be made time-sensitive and should be distributed on public music forums for maximum visibility. Hypeddit is a great place to start promoting your music.

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