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An Emergency Dentist Can Be Your Guide When Something Happens to Your Mouth

“The Woollahra emergency dentist is a small private practice in Bondi Beach, Australia that provides a high quality and affordable cosmetic dentistry service to its patients. “The only time we are advertising is through word-of-mouth,” says Dr. Prem Sikka, the emergency-dentist. “We take time to explain the treatment thoroughly to patients and help nervous patients get the cosmetic treatment or other oral work they require.” If you are seeking a routine check and clean, an extensive oral treatment or one of our recommended cosmetic treatments like Invisalign or veneers, contact our friendly dental staff and schedule a free consultation with Dr. Rammo. He is committed to making you feel confident in his care and helping you maintain a smile you can be proud of.Bondi Junction Railway Station

“I always recommend seeing a specialist before getting a tooth pulled because most insurance companies do not cover this type of work. This procedure is also much less expensive than many other types of cosmetic procedures,” says Dr. Sikka. “I will go over the pros and cons with my patients, so that they are aware of what to expect during the consultation. Some of my patients have had teeth pulled and they have been able to keep their oral hygiene during the recovery period. Others have not had that opportunity, and they are more concerned about the expenses and the inconvenience of having to give this type of treatment.

Some people may experience pain while pulling a tooth. The dentist will evaluate the severity of your condition and then determine how he is going to pull your tooth. There are many different techniques and procedures available. This will help you be prepared for any emergency dental situation and will ensure you receive the best care possible.

“The first thing the specialist does when I am called by a patient in an emergency is to take x-rays of the area of concern. From there he makes the decision on what procedure is needed. Most procedures take less than an hour to complete and only a small number of patients need to be sedated during the procedure. In most cases there are minimal to no swelling or bruising after the first treatment.”

An additional benefit for those who prefer to get their tooth pulled in an emergency is the comfort of knowing they will receive the highest quality care in an office that has the latest equipment. All equipment is updated according to the newest technology and many of the services also include sedation. Once your oral health has been assessed, your dentist can then determine how soon you will require emergency treatment. Many oral health conditions can be treated effectively in a dentist’s office within a few appointments. Patients should expect to go in once per year for annual check-ups as well as to receive treatments on an as-needed basis.

For many patients, having an emergency dentist on call is extremely beneficial as many conditions can be quickly and easily managed in this type of setting. Many conditions can be treated without bringing major discomfort to the patient. One such procedure is a root canal. When an infection causes the root of a tooth to rot or becomes impacted, this can result in excruciating pain for the patient. With a skilled dentist on call, a root canal can be performed as soon as the infection has been treated, which allows the tooth to be saved and healed.

Many people have other dental issues that can arise from an accident or injury that requires immediate treatment. When the pulp of a tooth has to be removed because of a broken tooth, the problem can lead to infection if not cared for properly. These types of infections can easily lead to abscesses, if not properly treated. Another condition that many people end up with when they have a traumatic experience is a cavity. When the inside of a cavity becomes infected, treatment may include draining the cavity and cleaning it so that a permanent solution does not build up.

The excellent job that the woollahra emergency dentist does be evidenced by the number of awards they have received for being one of the best in their field. They perform well in all areas of oral health care, making sure patients never feel left out or without help. The number of patients seeking treatment is proof of the dentist’s ability to make a positive impact in many patients’ lives. Patients who suffer an accident in their home or on the street often seek the help of these dentists on a daily basis. Read more at Woollahra emergency dentist.

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