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Choosing the Right Nail Colors

When you were a little girl, you could color your nails in any color you chose and you would look great. This is because little girls care less about matching than they do just loving a color and wanting to have it on their nails. When you get older, you do have to worry about how you look while you are at work, and you may very much care that your nail colors do not clash with what you are wearing. It only takes a little thought to make sure you have chosen the right nail polish color to go with your life and your clothing choices.

If you want to go with something like mint green, you should be wearing something that has a touch of this included, or something that compliments that color. There are some women that choose Christmas nails that matChristmas Nail Art Ideas | Holiday Nails | Festive Nails - Major Magch what they are wearing, and some that believe that is not a good idea. For a basic guideline, never wear red based nail colors if you are wearing pink, and never wear pinks when you are going to be wearing clothing with red in it. Red and pink are the two most common base nail colors and two of the most common clothing colors as well.

Otherwise, you have to use common sense when you go to work when choosing nail colors. You have to be cautious when using bright colors or unusual nail polish colors. Work environments call for neutral or conservative colors. If you work in the business sector, this is very important. If you work in a hip, retail store, you may get away with a bigger variety of nail colors. Think about where you work and the environment your employers hope to create. You can also look around to see what your coworkers are wearing as a guide to what is acceptable and what is not if you are not sure when starting a new job.

The nail colors that you use on your feet are going to be different than what you use for your hands, though you can go with the same color on both if you wish. You can go with colors that you would never wear to work if you know your toes are going to be covered. Remember that toe polish is often not changed as much as nail polish, so you may keep the same color on your toes for longer. This means choosing nail colors for your feet that you can keep all week. Think about what you are doing that week when choosing.

Think about your nail health when using nail colors. No matter what color you choose, you have to give your nails a break once in a while. They need to breathe, so go at least one or two days a week without polish. This allows your nails to remain healthy. You could end up with infection if you are not careful. If you go to get a manicure or a pedicure for your nail colors, always make sure they are using sterilized tools when working on you. Even better, get your own kit that you can clean on your own and take with you so that you never have to worry about it.


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