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How Much Is 4000 YouTube Watch Hours?

YouTube has become insanely popular. Studies show that people consume an average of a billion hours’ worth of content on the platform every day! And it’s not only viewers who are finding the platform especially useful.

Content creators are also becoming increasingly common, and competition is skyrocketing as people battle to create unique, engaging videos that can make them money.

Due to this, YouTube has established specific regulations that limit people from earning through their YouTube videos.

One of these regulations is the 4000 watch hour limit, which we have explained below.

What Are 4000 Watch Hours On YouTube?

Watch hours is simply the total amount of time every single user has spent in viewing your video. The 4000 watch hour policy is the minimum amount of time for which your videos need to be watched for you to be able to make money from them https://eazyviral.com/how-much-is-4000-youtube-watch-hours/.

This policy was introduced by YouTube to effectively limit the number of people who can monetize their channels. It also encourages the creation of quality content for you to use YouTube as a source of revenue.

Purchasing 4000 YouTube Watch Hours

A lot of users try making longer and better videos to naturally reach that 4000-hour mark that allows them to benefit from their content.

However, you also have the option of purchasing 4000 watch hours from various external parties if you’re in a hurry to monetize your channel.

Benefits Of 4000 Watch Hours On YouTube

Below we have listed the many benefits that you can get from purchasing 4000 watch hours and why you should also consider doing the same for your YouTube channel.

Saves Time

Only Youtubers will know how hard it is to create and upload a video. Even small, relatively simple 3-4 minute videos require a lot of time and effort. Hours are adequately spent editing and formatting them to make sure the audience receives something worth seeing.

Therefore, it can be highly demotivating to use up all that time to create content for which you don’t receive any money, simply because you still haven’t crossed the 4000 watch-hours marks .

Many users even quit YouTubing after becoming demoralized because their efforts are not bearing any fruit.

If you, too, are sacrificing large portions of your day on working tirelessly to perfect your videos for your audience, only to receive no reward for your hard work, then buying 4000 watch hours will benefit you.

People with 4000 watch-hours get their videos instantly monetized, so they can start earning from them. Receiving money from the videos you make helps boost your morale and focus your efforts even more on making better quality content for your viewers.

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