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LiB.energy – Global Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer

LiB.energy is a global producer of Lithium power and energy solutions, specializing in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of high-quality Lithium-ion technologies.

We are a bespoke solutions provider that works alongside our clients to better understand and provide cutting edge battery technology solutions. Crafted to a high standard, fit for purpose.

Our global team & sector-leading partners culminate to produce a hyper-effective network that will guide your project from the initial concept & design phase. Your project will be shaped our engineering team based at our Centre of Excellence, who relentlessly pursue crafting the best, bespoke solutions with components sourced from the supply chains of our partners.

Founded at Keele University, one of the world’s Top 25 universities for sustainability, LiB.energy’s very foundations are based in utilizing renewable energy to its fullest and moving away from fossil-fuel dependance.

Renewable Energy are one of the first battery companies in the world to implement the “virtual factory” concept. Our model sees our physical factory, in Manila, combining with our various sub-companies that include cell manufacturing, electrode coating, powder production, BMS, and advanced new technology. This enables LiB.energy to be totally flexible, providing our customers with a full portfolio of current technologies integrated with real-time design and implementation for the latest mega-trends.

We are Driven to Aid Global Carbon Reduction Efforts

Our mission is to aid in the energy transition from fossil fuels and migrate to newer, cleaner lithium energy technologies of the future. Embrace change, Embrace LiB.

Born out of the changing landscape within the Lithium battery industry, LiB.energy was formed to support the global progression to a ‘Net-Zero’ carbon future.

With major battery companies switching their focus onto electric vehicles (EV), many Tier 1 businesses are being left without cell supply and support. They must adapt and find new secure sources of battery technology for future development.

Global industries need access to high-quality technology, backed up with world-class expertise to ensure survival.

Optimised and Cost Effective Bespoke Solutions

LiB.energy is set to reset the battery industry whilst becoming a leading total solutions supplier; we are a bespoke solutions provider who works alongside our clients to better understand your requirements and provide fully customizable battery technology solutions crafted to a high standard, fit for purpose.

Consider half the work of your project completed when you select our highly experienced team to develop your solution.

Your relationship with us starts at the initial steps, to final mass production and beyond, with your business having access to the services provided by our tier-1 experienced EMEA distribution facilities.

LiBerate the energy world, with LiB.energy.

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