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Teacup Persian Kittens — Setting the Report Straight

Different dog breeders of Persian Teacup cats and kittens have different detailed terms to suggest the smaller outlines they work into their cattery.

In an attempt to educate you about these pint size pixie Persians I use dedicated this kind of page to explain exactly what Teas Cup Persian cats are and precisely why they have received the “teacup” terminology through the years.

First, allow me clarify…. “Teacup Persians” is really a descriptive term, not a dimensions category. So please, carry out not buy into false advertisements or even unrealistic size anticipation of what the particular kitty may be like total grown.

Many Local breeders will work with the phrase “teacup” as a marketing trick to land the sale when throughout reality the JUST color category that will has truly attained the “Teacup Title” is the silver and golden Local family.

I discovered this out your tough way years back when I bought myself a Glowing blue Eyed White “Teacup Persian”. He increased into a whopping 12-15 lbs and acquired to be placed in a pet residence because he was far as well large to reproduce to any of my cats. We myself have recently been breeding White Persians since it was founded two decades ago I have to have known better but got caught up in the particular idea he would be tiny, because the breeder stated.

If someone is claiming to include white Teacup Persians, Himalayan Teacups or bi-color teacups you can bank on the fact they are not a trustworthy location to send your money.

So remember…. teacups Persians must show SILVER OR GOLDEN on their body to be classified while a teacup Local.

Just to get crystal clear, We are not declaring that a sterling silver with white or even golden with white are not tiny they key will be silver or gold MUST be visually present on the particular cat to classify as a “Teacup Cat”.

FACT: There is not any SUCH THING as being a teacup Himalayan!!!

Although no breeder can guarantee the adult size of any color you can rest assured when you are getting a silver or silver you are in the smallest total body structures a new cat can bring.

I find that will golden Persians are usually smaller as compared to silvers not by simply much sometimes.

Normal size Persians and Himalayans are usually very large, cobby in addition to muscular.

Regular sized female Persians or perhaps Himalayans balance around 7-9 lbs.

Normal sized male Persians or Himalayans balance out around 8-12 lbs.

The Silver precious metal and golden Persians are just naturally smaller cats but in not a way are they grouped or labeled into a “breed or size category” simply known since the smallest in addition to most petite with the Persian feline household.

Silver and gold Persians usually create females APPROXIMATELY 4-6 lbs and males APPROXIMATELY 6-7 lbs.

This is not an exact sizing chart but simply a guideline to keep within the forefront regarding your mind when considering a “Teacup Persian”.

The overall bone structure regarding the Silver plus Golden Persian will be usually more diminutive than your regular sized Persians or Himalayans… not to say which you can not get an occasional small framed Persian or even Himalayan from various other color categories by time to period it’s just the silver and golden’s are more praised for continuously producing these small framed Persians.

The Teacup Persians are every little as healthy, loveable and inelegant because the regular sized Persians they only have a small build.

The Tea Cup Persians (at least the kinds produced at our own cattery ) will be purebred but not in any way crossed with another type to achieve their naturally small cobby physique shape/size.

Teacup Persians are often higher throughout price, not so much because they are small in size nevertheless because their layer colors are that of the more costly designer categories.

The Silver and glowing Persians have rather long since been identified for and referred to as the “Royals Royce” of the Persian world therefore an individual should be wanting more elaborate price tags when shopping intended for a teacup Persian kitten.

Teacup Persians have a pretty small color selection to choose through: Shaded Silver, Metallic Chinchilla, Shaded Glowing Chinchilla, Blue Silver precious metal Chinchilla.

ULTRA RARE Designer Tea Mug Colors: Blue Chinchilla Golden, Silver as well as White, Golden as well as White and Orange Chinchilla & White wine, Red Shell Cameo, Cream Shell Cameo.

Please Note: Because Silvers & Goldens (Teacups) are small and more fragile they need to NEVER become allowed to depart the breeder’s home until they will be at the least 12 several weeks old!!

persian kittens for sale enforce this adoption age group limit on most teacup Persian cats.

FYI – ALMOST ALL Silvers and Goldens are born REALLY dark then whiten with age. They will have reached their true cover and eye shade when they are 2 years old. I do hope There are clarified the particular “Teacup Persian Pet cats ” and their own naturally smaller sizes on this webpage.

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