Hooligans-The Game Others The Best IP Stresser on The Market

The Best IP Stresser on The Market

IP Stresser can provide you a online tools to test your website and network Firewall against ddos attack.
you can try ip stresser before buying [ Free test ].also you can buy a
plan for VIP Service : [Game server Stresser – Website booter – Layer 7
HTTP Stresser – OVH AND Hetzner Private Methods)

Reasons Your Business Needs to Be Penetration Tested - Globe Stats

Game Server Stresser

We have a Privet method to Down any game Server such as PUBG, Five Reborn, Conan Exile, Minecraft, The Forest , world of warcraft
,Golden Axe , counter strike, Call of Duty MW & …

OVH / Hetzner
ip stresser give you a powerful Stresser to bypass OVH / Hetzner And Other DDoS Protection server

Powerful Layer 7 / HTTP(S)
We guarantee 20K rps power per boot using VIP layer 7 methods with DDoS Protected hosting(JS bypasses and Captcha & Rate limit)

VIP Network

in Layer 4 VIP Network you able send up to 300Gbps and 40M pps to null route IPs!also we use an ACK Bypass methods to Down or Crash any

# Layer 4 Methods

UDP Protocol


TCP Protocol


# Layer 4 VIP Methods

TCP Bypass (for DDoS Protected server)

UDP Bypass (for DDoS Protected server)

TCP HETZNER (special method for Hetzner)

TCP OVH (special method for OVH)

UDP-Game server (for Game server)

# Layer 7 /HTTP Methods

HTTP GET (5Krps)


DDoS Protected Host [VIP] (20Krps)

JS Bypass [VIP](like CF Under attack)

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