Hooligans-The Game Others VoIP Phone – How VoIP Helps Businesses During Recession

VoIP Phone – How VoIP Helps Businesses During Recession

The telephone was a breakthrough discovery in 1870 which revolutionized communications that is known to the world today. Telecommunications has become part of world evolution, as humanity advances, so does our way of communicating which makes it a part of life. In the business perspective, telecommunications became the mouth and ears of the enterprise. No brilliant businessman can imagine operating his business without telecommunications.

In the United States, almost everyone is still using the traditional telephone, the one with the handset that needs to be connected into a wall jack. Do you know that traditional phones are very costly? You may seem to get used to paying the same average amount of monthly phone bills but in times of recession it is best to cut expenses, utilize the minimal resources you have and produce maximum productive output. That is the smartest move you can make in times of recession. Businesses spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in their average monthly phone bill. That is no longer advisable if you aim to cut costs but you can’t sacrifice your communications just to cut expenses. Communications is the life line of the business but there are smarter alternatives compared to using traditional phones and this is where the power of Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is needed. Other popular names for VoIP are Internet Phone, IP Phone, or simply VoIP phone.

VoIP has been around for years already. You only need to have a computer and a broadband internet connection to make calls. There are two kinds of VoIP phones, the VoIP phone with the handset known as a hardphone which looks like the traditional phone and the second one is the software-based VoIP phone which is commonly known as a softphone. If you choose to use a hardphone you need to connect it to your computer with a LAN cable or RJ-45 socket unlike the traditional phone which uses the RJ-11 in the wall jack. If you choose the VoIP softphone, you only need to install the VoIP software and you setup your account then you start making calls using the software. Some VoIP softphones such has 3CXPhone from 3CX have a graphical user interface that is similar to smart phones which also have wide range of functionalities and flexibility.

A smart businessman like you would want to cut expenses during recession and using VoIP as an alternative is one way to do that. VoIP for businesses are commonly known as business VoIP. Software-based business VoIP phones such as CounterPath’s Bria, eyeBeam and X-Lite provide business users with innovative features that suit their business needs. Through softphones, you can make calls using your laptop as long as you’re online, this saves a lot of money. Imagine paying only an average of $30 of your phone bills with unlimited calls nationwide or even in the whole North America. Some unlimited plans cost only $79 on average with the elimination of unregulated charges. Some VoIP providers only charge a very small amount for international calls. This is the most cost-effective telecommunications technology. Shifting from traditional phone to هاتف VOIP saves you 50%-80% of your phone bills and for businesses this means you save thousands of dollars.

VoIP phones have the same features or have even greater features as compared to that of traditional phones. You can still have features such as Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Transfer, Repeat Dial, 3-way calling, some can even handle more people in call conferences depending on the subscription plan. Other advance features would include forward the call to a particular number, send the call directly to voice mail, give the caller a busy signal, play a “not-in-service” message, send the caller to a funny rejection hotline and many others great features. For security issues, VoIP technology supports security standards such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Secure-Real Time Protocol (SRTP) and many other secure encryptions to make your VoIP call experience free from wire or wireless tapping and eavesdropping.

If you or your business would like to cut your communications expenses then Marshall VoIP Solutions, Inc. (MVSI) can help you with that goal by providing you with cost-effective, state-of-the-art VoIP solutions, either hardware or software, which allow you to save thousands of dollars from communications expenses.


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